♚ I am an introject of I & II. If you are delusionally attached to me, roleplay as me or ID as me do not interact. Other introjects ask to follow!
♚ DNI if you post alot of MCYT, like irredeemable media (AOT, Homestuck Etc), are active in Kintwt, basic criteria, proship, genshintwt idvtwt blah blah

♚ Due to my persecutory delusions I will hardblock people alot and unblock later and follow back. If I think you're weird or strange I will just not unblock you.

♚ I have NPD and have EXTREMELY low empathy & understanding of morality. If I say something weird or wrong please DM me.

♥♥ Enstars, JJK , PKMN , SCP , MYHK , A3 , HeliosR, Naruto , Cookie Run , Literature , Lolita Fashion , Tea ♥♥

Please Tag : Romo Tori x Eichi , Scoliosis mentions , Dream Doxxing situation , Sysphobia towards Factives, Calling my source (Dream SMP Dream or Eichi) a character or abuser, Saying I'm contaminated or diseased, Child Abuse , PoppyTwt / NSFWMCYTTWT , Gangstalking , Kidnapping/Abductions , Dream & Quackity Prison 'Arc' . Quackity (Dream SMP, IRL counterpart is fine) & The War (Enstars) are both squicks, please avoid bringing them up to me.